APICO - Out Now!

🐝Happy #WorldBeeDay everybee!!🐝

There couldn’t bee a more perfect day to release!
APICO is out NOW on all ur fav PC stores including Itch! 💛

Bees are integral to our gameplay, as they are to our real-world ecosystem!

We want to promote bee conservation and will be donating a portion of sales towards national and international beekeeping charities - not just for #WorldBeeDay but with all sales.

If you want to learn more about some charities that are doing amazing work for our fuzzy friends, or just want to know how you can get involved yourself, you can check out our #SaveTheBees page on our website!


Thanks for joining us in this journey, and we hope you enjoy APICO <3


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more


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I showcased this for the indie game collective and absolutely love this. Probably one of the coziest games I have ever played. I usually proceed with caution during bee season where I live because I'm outside a lot working, but there was so much to like here, I may have to change my mind on how awesome bees are. I showcased some of the tutorial and collecting on my YouTube channel for any interested. Thanks again!