Apis 1.2.0

Hey @Beekeeper's! 

Thanks so much for everyone reports - I’ve been trying to keep on top of all the reports across Steam / Guilded / Discord / Forms / Random DMs (I’m sure you’ve seen me zooming around on all of them these last few days!) 

I wanted to prioritise getting this update out as it’s specifically to address the 4 horsemen of the launch apocalypse that I’m sure we’re all familiar with already (multiplayer sync Sadness, mod loading Malaise, cargo boat Betrayal + demo file Despair). There’s also a few little tweaks and some crash fixes too - hopefully this helps settle some of the more annoying issues, and then we can start looking more into QoL stuff! If you think something was missed here fret not! 

There’s a few things raised that were either pretty minimal, QoL suggestions or I couldn’t replicate yet but rest assured it’s on my list. 
(For people reading this who have Humble / Itch / GJ / Epic, I’ll be building and deploying 1.2.0 today ASAP!) 

Patch Notes:


APICO - Linux 1.2.0 180 MB
May 25, 2022
APICO - Mac 1.2.0 185 MB
May 25, 2022
APICO - Windows 1.2.0 181 MB
May 25, 2022


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