APICO 2.0 - I Can't Beelieve It's Not Butter(flies)

Attention Beekeepers!

Butterflies? Solitary bees?? Alchemy?!? Oh my!

We're excited to announce that our first free content update, "I Can't Beelieve It's Not Butter(flies)!" will be released on PC this weekend, on 12th November!!

This is a free update geared around butterflies and solitary bees (bees that don’t live in hives!) In it you’ll meet Mainland research duo Sto + Codey, and aid them in rediscovering and repopulating stocks of bees & butterflies to help improve things back home.

This update consists of early-mid content - you will be able to use your existing save!
Things to look forward to include:
- New NPCs! Meet new friends Codey & Sto, research partners from the Mainland (!)
- Butterflies! Beeautiful flapping friends to find and discover
- Solitary Bees! Bees that don’t work in hives but live alone??
- New Flowers! More fancy flowers, each with their own new effects on the environment!
- More books! We know you love reading, otherwise why are you playing APICO? <3
- Improved Dialogue System! Now you won’t miss all the wonderful writing Jamie has done, plus some new dialogue!
- Incense! Finally you can make candles, plus your own incense through the magic of Alchemy!
- More Music! The wonderful bee-sides by Mothense have been added <3
- More decoration! Lots more decoration items, tiles, walls and more!
- More achievements! 16 more delicious achievements to get hold of!
- Loads more freakin’ bugs I am sure because I am just one person!!! :D

We are very excited (and very tired), and can't wait for you all to enjoy the new content!! <3
(P.S. a little butterfly told me there may or may not be a release discount with this update xx)

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