Apis 1.3.0

Hey Beekeepers!

Think we are starting to iron out most the major bugs now! Nothing like having 1000s of people play your game to find the most niche little issues eh? :’) I’ve also added a few different QoL stuff in this update, notably a new item (Queen Cells) that acts as an automatic “Quick Queen” button, a way to get new grass tiles with Abbee’s Compost Bin, the ability to “pin” menus, as well as a way to dye backpacks in the new Dye Station! I think Queen Cells is p. useful but let me know what you all think! (too expensive, not expensive enough etc)

Then there’s also a bunch of bug fixes including preventing the corrupted pink bee being able to be made in MP which then caused a bunch of issues, as well as the cargo boat just not following you after reloading the game. Of all the things in the game I think the Cargo Boat was probably the last thing I expected to give me so much grief lol

There’s also a bunch of various modding related changes in this one (for mod creators - docs will be updated very shortly with some of the new stuff not yet put there!)

Please enjoy! I’m going to go to sleep now lmao
~ Ell

Patch Notes:


APICO - Mac 1.3.0 185 MB
Jun 07, 2022
APICO - Linux 1.3.0 180 MB
Jun 07, 2022
APICO - Windows 1.3.0 181 MB
Jun 07, 2022


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