Demo Day 2.0!

We're extremely excited to announce that the updated APICO Demo is out now! 

This updated demo that includes a bunch of the new mechanics, UI updates, and new features (albeeit still limited to the single island and a smaller amount of bees/quests/features).

For those who didn't play the old demo, it's all going to be new to you, so enjoy!!
For those who did play the last demo, this updated demo includes:

- 7 different bee species to discover, with a Crepuscular (dawn/dusk) and Nocturnal species (night-time)
- Each species has it's own unique produce that it can be got from frames
- You now spawn in a town, with a semi-story introduction! - The towns a bit empty but Skipper is around to sell you cool stuff and buy all your honey!
- New quests to take you through the new features
- A working Altar that let's you pray for good weather
- A new flower book with details on each flower including hybrid 'recipes' and special bee effects
- Tier 2 'Clockwork' machines that let you semi-automate things like cutting wood and emptying frames
- Various UI changes, all menus have been overhauled and improved
- Multiple file saves available, with physical file locations
- Actual settings that let you set scale/aspect ratio, as well as key remapping

Thanks again so much to everyone who has supported us on this crazy journey, it's been amazing! 

We hope you enjoy <3


APICO Demo - Windows 133 MB
48 days ago
APICO Demo - Mac 133 MB
48 days ago
APICO Demo - Linux 131 MB
48 days ago